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Game Guide for the Sorcerer?

Getting started on a new game can be rough. While you can play solo in any MMO at varying degrees of difficulty, most players want to be useful to their group. How do we get there? More specifically, how do we become successful, efficient and useful without spending years to good at a game? Having a bit of insight from experienced gamers helps, but how do you find the skilled players? The Internet is chock full of supposedly “pro” gamers, but it takes a lot more than Google to find valuable information from a skilled source.

I’ve flipped through three guides that seem to know what they’re talking about with Elder Scrolls Online Sorcerer class. The main reason I care about looking through guides is for fast leveling paths and gaming the market, but there’s some charm in these guides that can really help a newbie get started.

Killer Guide’s Sorcerer Guide

elder scrolls online sorcerer guide

I’m no stranger to Killer Guides. I know the quality, but I always shop around and grab extra sources to see what else is out there. Honestly, it’s good to pull from different thought schools.

Killer Guides on its own, however, stuck the landing as expected. The ESO Sorcerer Guide goes deep into what matters in the game and gives you a little extra on the side IF you want to read on. From equipment sets to farming areas for specific pieces of gear before the online databases are up and running, this Sorcerer guide takes the cake.

The guide doesn’t just lay down one optimum build for a set of situations; different viewpoints are poured in, such as choosing the standard Storm Calling tree to keep up basic leveling to Daedric Summoning to let your minions do the heavy lifting.

What’s interesting is that the guide looks like a well thought out conversation between experts, but in the form of a guide that isn’t hard to read through at all. The only major downside is that it’s a bit long.

Not a problem if you want to be the most useful party member you can be, since the guide it perfectly packed with easy to follow info. If you have focus problems, I recommend working through parts of the guide across a few days rather than churning through all at once.

ESO Mastery’s Sorcerer Guide

eso-mastery-guides-220x220Although I saw this guide advertising during beta, I ignored it for some reason. I somewhat regret doing that, because the information is solid. It goes into detail about more than just your rotation, but how different situations call for different spell sets. It isn’t just about single target versus AOE; being able to tag as many enemies as possible and kite them without taking a hit requires a bit of insider knowledge.

From what I can see, you’re not just buying a guide that’ll be obsolete after the first major patch. ESO Mastery Guides updates their guides as needed to reflect changes to the game, including some info about what happened beforehand. This is good for theorycrafters who want to know how Zenimax thinks during development processes.

It isn’t just a guide for experts to talk philosophy–the structure is designed for newbies to get a grasp of the situation. However, the format isn’t as easy to read as the other guides.

While the information is good, it isn’t as chock full of different things to do as a Sorcerer closer to endgame. It is still quite early in the Elder Scrolls Online world, but a lot of the missing info can be seen in other guides.

Maybe as the game continues, ESO Mastery will bring a lot more to the table. I’m certainly not against taking a look. As you consider this guide, make sure that you take a bit of time to glance around at others.

The PVP delight of

bundle-medThis writer of this elder scrolls online guide has been building the guide since beta, with a lot of experience and cleaned up material since launch. While a lot of the info is shared between the three guides I’ve picked out, this guide seems to have a real PVP bite to it, and for good reason.

While the PVP coverage is pretty good, I felt that the guide didn’t offer much for an intermediate player. Still a good guide, don’t get me wrong, but there are many places where a newbie can get some bonus information.

That’s not to invalidate the guide at all. You have to get your info on the playing field immediately, but as I got to the other guides, I saw that there was a big difference in coverage.



Sorcerer is a really great nuking class. Unless some major changes happen in the game, solo gold farming will be a breeze as you tear up every leveling area and get some farming done with plenty of time to spare. These guides help you figure out the best way to get wealthy AND powerful while the rest of the player-base struggles.

These three guides are all awesome. While I’d mostly go with the KillerGuides version of the Sorcerer builds and tactics, especially for the Dark Magic and Daedric Summoning explanations, they’re all wonderful.