Heroes of the Storm: Hero’s Role



Heroes of the Storm doesn’t share the same role with other MOBA. There is no carry or solo mid the. The role is quite different. In Heroes of the storm we have Assassin, Warrior, Support and Specialist.

Assassin- this role is damage dealer their duty is to inflict damage and kill enemy as quick as possible. Assassin is not like DPS role in other game they don’t stand back and hit in the back of the team. They have to protect the team.

Warrior-this position is kind of tank but this tank can harm enemy instead of stand and absorb damage. HotS’s tank can do stun enemy or chase opponent as well as deal damage.

Support- No game can exist without support, their role is to keep the team take advantage over enemy. Many of them can heal, give a good buff or do crowd control. Support is always important.

Specialist-If we compare specialist is like special team, their abilities are cunning and adaptable. For example a master in siege attack or summoner. You got more tricks when you have specialist in team.

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