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Best Gold Farming Location for the Sorcerer

Farming is one of the best ways to make ESO gold for the Elder Scrolls Online Sorcerer because of its efficiency in killing hordes of enemy at once. It only comes with a few conditions. First, you need to be powerful enough. The more you can kill enemies, the more gold you will get. The second thing is you need to know a good location. You can make over ten thousand of ESO gold per hour just only by farming in the right spot. Otherwise, it can be even less than thousand per hour.

If you want to make a quick rich, buying gold from one of these suppliers is recommended. A few dollars spent is even worth more than a day of grinding it yourself.

Where to Go

A good farming location is in Crow’s Wood dungeon, located on the east side of the starting town in Stonefalls. This place is packed with wolves that drop a good amount of gold as well as valuable items, weapons and armors. In addition, they are easily killed because of their low hitpoint. Pulling is easy here since the wolf does not have any interrupt skill with fast movement. As a plus, their respawn rate is almost instantly making you are able to keep farming continuously.

wolves grinding at crow's wood


In order to make the farming more effective, there are 4 main preparations you need. The first is range and AoE attack. Range attack is very useful for pulling wolves. Usually, they will stay in a pack of 3-5 and you can pull them at once with any ranged attack. Secondly, you should have at least 1-2 powerful AoE attacks to kill them as fast as possible. The storm mage build works very well in this situation.

Third, you should do it with your friends. In Elder Scrolls Online, there’s no looting penalty. Monsters drop the same amount of item to all players who attack them. So, the faster you can kill, the more items you will receive. And the last one is about inventory slot. Expand it as much as possible before coming to this place. Normally it only takes 15-20 minutes to full the inventory with 100 slots.

Where to Sell

Any merchant located near a teleport is fine such as the one in Reaper’s March. You can sell everything you get junks to gear. Normally, it should give you 6-7k from selling alone for 100 inventory slots. The only item you shouldn’t sell right away is raw materials since they give you more gold after extraction.

Raw item extraction does not have much different if your extraction skills such as Metal Extraction, Unraveling, and Wood Extraction, are low. It’s better to wait until you can maximize these skills and refine them all at once. The item extraction should give you additional 2,000 gold.

From this strategy, you should make at least 8,000 gold in every 20 minutes. And it can be much faster if you have a horse since it can greatly increase traveling speed as much as inventories. If you want to buy the gold instead of farming it yourself, check out

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